Frequently-Asked Questions


Is this really free?

Yes. There is no charge for using Free Conference USA. Each participant dials an access number to connect to the conference call. Depending on the caller's location and the terms of the caller's phone service, long distance charges may be assessed by the caller's phone company. Regardless, Free Conference USA does not charge any fees for the service, and you may use it as often as you wish.

What's the catch? How can this be free?

There is no catch. We don't ask for your billing information. We don't require any personally-identifying information. You and your conference participants will not be subjected to any advertising messages, promotional email, hidden fees, sales pitches or usage restrictions. Free Conference USA is 100% free. This service has been created by TurboBridge, a provider of premium HD Audio Conferencing, to showcase the Telurix conferencing technology.

Won't callers receive a welcome greeting promoting Free Conference USA?

No. They will be greeted by "Welcome to the Conference Center", then prompted to enter a Conference ID. Of course, we'd like you to tell your friends and colleagues about Free Conference USA, but that's up to you.

Capacity and Limitations

How many calls can I make?

You may use your Free Conference USA conference bridge as often as you like, for as long as you wish. There are no limits on the number of calls or the number minutes you use. (If you do not access your conference bridge for an extended period, your account may be deactivated, and your Conference ID may be re-assigned without prior notice.)

How many callers can participate on a conference call?

Up to 250 parties can participate on a conference call. If you need to host more than 250 participants, please send an email to, and we will try to accommodate your event.

How long can a conference call last?

There is no limit on the duration of a conference call.

How many accounts can I open?

There is no limit on the number of accounts that you can create for your own use, subject to limitations stated in the Terms of Use.

Is this a Voice-over-IP (VoIP) service or an Internet service requiring a computer?

No. All parties access the conference bridge using regular telephones and dial into a regular U.S. phone number.

Using Your Conference Bridge

Do I need to reserve a time for my conference call?

No. Free Conference USA provides reservationless conference calling. Your conference bridge is always available, and simply calling the access number and entering your Conference ID will activate the conference. Upon the arrival of the second party, the two parties will be immediately joined into a conference, unless you have pre-established the Conference Start feature setting to require host control.

Can I choose my own Conference ID number?

Yes. When you sign up for Free Conference USA, you are given a opportunity to specify your own Conference ID, which may be between 5 and 10 digits. Note that Conference IDs must be unique on our system, and the number you request may have previously been assigned to another Free Conference USA subscriber.

Can I choose my own Conference Dial-In number?

Yes. Although we assign you a dial-in number when you enroll, your callers can use any of our available dial-in numbers, listed below. Callers can use different dial-in numbers to join the same conference call — as long as they all enter your Conference ID, they will join the same conference.

  • (774) 220-4000 — Boston, MA
  • (860) 970-0000 — Hartford, CT
  • (213) 289-9000 — Los Angeles, CA
  • (213) 550-2200 — Los Angeles, CA
  • (415) 464-6800 — San Raphael, CA
  • (408) 418-5050 — San Jose, CA

Can international callers participate?

Yes. Anyone who can dial a U.S. telephone number can dial into a Free Conference USA conference bridge. Of course, they may be assessed international long distance charges by their phone provider. Free Conference USA also offers a nationwide dial-in number in the United Kingdom (0330 777 1412). Click here to learn more.

How can I access the conference as a Host?

To join a conference as a Host, enter * (star) instead of # (pound) after entering your Conference ID. You will then be prompted to enter your 4-digit Host PIN.

How can I delay the start of my conference call until all parties arrive?

In advance of the call, log into the Online Conference Manager at the top of the website by entering your Conference ID and Host PIN. Click on Edit Settings and change the Conference Start setting to "When host confirms", then click Modify Bridge to save the change. You must dial into the Conference Bridge as a Host (by pressing the star key instead of the pound key after entering your Conference ID, then entering your Host PIN). When you are ready to start the conference, press *3 (star-three) to join all parties into the conference.

Is a Host required for a conference call?

Generally, no. The only scenario in which a Host is required is when the default Conference Start setting requires the presence of a Host to initiate the conference. There are three options for the Conference Start feature: (1) when 2nd caller joins, in which case both parties are immediately placed into conference; (2) when host joins, in which case all parties remain on hold until the first Host arrives, then the conference begins immediately without further instruction from the Host; and (3) when host confirms, in which case all parties remain on hold until a Host specifically initiates the conference by pressing *3 (star-three). The only way to change the default Conference Start setting (the original system default is set to "when 2nd caller arrives") is to log into the Online Conference Manager, and click on Edit Settings.

Can I receive conference reports by email?

Yes, you can receive free email reports listing the conference participants (by Caller ID and Caller Name, if available) along with other details regarding your conference calls. You can specify multiple recipients for the email report. To receive email conference reports, log into your account and click on the Edit Settings button in the left panel. Type one or more email addresses in the box labeled Notification List (separated by commas) and click on the Save Changes button at the bottom.

Is this service secure?

Yes. Only those people who receive your Conference ID can join your conference. For further security, you can log into the Online Conference Manager during live conferences and see a listing of all parties on the call (identified by Caller ID Number). With the Online Conference Manager, you can drop any participant from the call, and lock out other parties from joining the call. See the User Guide for more information on other features that allow you to track participants, including Entry and Exit Alerts and the Roll Call feature.

I've forgotten my Conference ID or Host PIN. Can I recover them?

No. Since Free Conference USA does not require any personally-identifiable information (such as an email address), there is no identity verification option. You should create a new conference bridge. (If there are special circumstances, please send an email to

Conference Recordings

How do I record a conference call?

If you are logged into the conference as a host, you can toggle conference recording on and off by pressing *1 (star-one) on your keypad. At the conclusion of your conference call, a recording of the call will be accessible by logging into the Online Conference Manager. You can also control recording during live conferences via the Online Conference Manager.

How can I access conference recordings?

Conference recordings can be accessed by logging into the Online Conference Manager. You may download the recordings for permanent storage on your computer. Presently, Free Conference USA does not support dial-in playback for recorded calls, though this capability may be added in the future.

How many recordings are saved, and how long will the recordings be available?

Unlike other free conference providers, Free Conference USA allows you to create and save multiple conference recordings. Presently, there is no limit on the number of recordings available, and each recording will be available for at least six months via the Online Conference Manager. We recommend that you download any recordings you would like to save permanently (by "right-clicking" the link to the recording, and choosing the "Save Target as..." option).