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In addition to the dial-in number assigned to your account upon enrollment, your callers can use any of the numbers listed below to join your conference calls, using your assigned Conference ID.

(774) 220-4000 (Boston, MA)
(860) 970-0000 (Hartford, CT)
(213) 289-9000 (Los Angeles, CA)
(213) 550-2200 (Los Angeles, CA)
(415) 464-6800 (San Raphael, CA)
(408) 418-5050 (San Jose, CA)

Within United Kingdom:
0330 777 1412

Conference Features

Free Conference USA provides all the features you're looking for in a conferencing service. Default feature settings can be established for each conference bridge. Most features can be accessed or configured during live conference calls by using a telephone keypad or via the Online Conference Manager.

Online Conference Manager

Hosts can log into the Online Conference Manager to manage conference calls, including viewing participant Caller ID, muting participants, modifying feature settings and controlling conference recording.

Email Conference Reports

You can receive a free email report listing the conference participants (including Caller ID and Caller Name, if available) and other details regarding the conference. (To enable email reports, log into your account and click on the Edit Settings button in the left panel. Type your email address into the box labeled Notification List and click on the Save Changes button.)

Reservationless Conference Start

Your conference bridge is active at all times. Conference calls begin instantly whenever the bridge is accessed; no scheduling is required. (Hosts can control when callers are placed into a live conference.)

High Conference Capacity

You can host up to 250 participants on your conference calls.

Conference Recording

Digital recording of the call, which can be downloaded from the Online Conference Manager. Hosts can toggle the recording on and off during a call, using keypad codes or the Online Conference Manager.

Multiple Conference Modes

Four conference modes are supported, which control the speaking privileges for participants (i.e., non-Hosts):

  • Conversation Mode:  All participants are un-muted.
  • Presentation Mode:  All participants are muted. Only Hosts can be heard. (Multiple parties can act as Hosts by entering the Host PIN when joining the conference.)
  • Question & Answer Mode:  All participants are initially muted. Participants can un-mute themselves (by pressing *6) to comment or ask questions.
  • Private Host Mode:  Hosts can engage in a private sub-conference, placing others on hold.

Entry/Exit Notification

Participants can be announced upon joining or leaving the call, using chimes or recorded names.

Record Name

Callers joining a call can be asked to record their name, which may be announced upon entry or exit to the call, or replayed privately via the Roll Call feature.

Participant Muting

Via the Online Conference Manager, a host may mute specific participants to reduce background noise.

Group Muting

Via the Online Conference Manager or keypad codes, a host may silence all participants (non-hosts) on the call.


Hosts and participants can mute themselves by pressing *6 on the telephone keypad.

Raise Your Hand

Participants can indicate to a conference host that they have a question or would like to comment, by pressing *5 on their telephone keypad. This will trigger a display alert in the Online Conference Manager, allowing the host to un-mute that participant, if the conference is in Presentation or Q&A mode. This allows a host to manage a question-and-answer session, un-muting and re-muting callers one a time, in the order in which the participants "raised their hands". (The host must be logged into the Online Conference Manager during the conference to manage this feature.)

Conference Lock

A host can lock access to the conference bridge, preventing new callers from joining the active call.

Conference Termination

A host can force the termination of the conference call by disconnecting all participants, by pressing a keypad code. This feature is useful when you have scheduled back-to-back conference calls.

Participant Count

Callers joining a call can hear a private announcement of the number of active participants.

Private Roll Call

Participants can press a keypad code to hear a private playback of the recorded names for the active participants on the conference call.

Multiple Hosts

Any number of parties can join the call as hosts (by entering the Host PIN upon joining the bridge), allowing multiple leaders on the conference call.

Touchtone (DTMF) Suppression

Filters out the tones produced by phone keypad, so that other participants on the call do not hear the tones.