United Kingdom Dial-in

Free Conference USA now has a dial-in number for callers in the United Kingdom:

0330 777 1412

This is a nationwide phone number within the United Kingdom. By law, calls to numbers beginning with 03 are charged at the same basic rate as call to landline numbers starting with 01 and 02, and are included in "inclusive minutes" call packages. There is no charge from Free Conference USA for the use of this dial-in number. As with domestic USA dial-in numbers, callers are responsible for any charges applied by their own phone companies.

Callers can use different dial-in numbers to join the same conference call, as long as all callers enter the same Conference ID. For instance, some callers can dial the United Kingdom number, while other callers dial your assigned USA dial-in number, and participate in the same conference call. The United Kingdom dial-in number is automatically enabled whenever you create a Free Conference USA account.