Record Your Greeting

You can record your own welcome greeting for your Free Conference USA service. Dial (774) 220-4040 to access the Announcement Recording Service, and follow the prompts to record your announcement. You will need to enter your Conference ID and Host PIN. You can change or remove your announcement at any time by calling the Announcement Recording Service.

When connecting into your conference calls, all callers will first hear the welcome greeting associated with the dial-in number, followed by a prompt to enter the Conference ID. After entering your Conference ID, callers will hear your recorded announcement before joining the conference.

Some common reasons for using a recorded announcement:

  • Branding.  Reinforce your company, group or organization identity.
  • Instructions.  You may wish to ask callers to introduce themselves when they arrive, or to press *5 if they wish to ask a question during the lecture.
  • Disclaimer.  Since all callers will hear the announcement before joining the conference, this is an excellent option for playing legal disclaimers.
  • Reschedule.  Inform callers that the conference has been postponed or cancelled.
  • General Info.  Provide contact or schedule information. For instance, “Join us every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 8 o'clock.”