About Us

Launched in 2010, Free Conference USA has hosted millions of free conference calls, with near-perfect reliability.  All with no ads, no spam, no punishing "mobile surcharges", and not a single email address has been sold or solicited for any reason.  Unlike every other free conference provider, we have NEVER promoted our service to any conference call attendees.  Unlike practically every other free conference provider, we have never contacted our subscribers to "upgrade" to a paid service or to purchase "premium" features.


So, how is this free?

When your phone company connects your call to a phone number served by a different phone company, your phone company pays a small per-minute usage fee to that other phone company.  So, even though your phone company may not charge you extra for these calls, your phone company does pay the other phone company a small amount (typically less than $0.05 for a 30-minute phone call).  U.S. regulations allow phone companies to compensate service providers for lawfully-stimulating network usage.  So essentially, our compensation indirectly comes from the fees that your conference participants pay to their phone providers.  All free conference providers operate on the same basis.


We're Different


Most other free conference providers get their phone numbers from rural phone companies who are legally allowed to charge higher fees (up to ten times higher) on calls to their numbers.  This is why many phone companies either block calls to free conference access numbers or assess per-minute surcharges on these calls.  So, "free conferencing" isn't really free.

Free Conference USA does not use rural access numbers, so phone companies aren't gouged when connecting to our access numbers.

Of course, that means we collect much lower per-minute fees than our competitors.  Fortunately for you, we're okay with that!  It helps that we operate the nation's most efficient conference calling infrastructure, which we wholesale to other conferencing, collaboration, and screen-sharing providers, making us one of the world's largest audio conferencing operators.

Please note that while phone companies do not pay extra to connect to our access numbers, we do not have any control over their pricing policies.  Some phone companies, like magicJack, discourage heavy users by blocking popular conference access numbers — just as a way to drive these customers away.

Looking for a complete Business Conferencing Solution?

We also provide a low-cost paid conferencing service called TurboBridge, which provides local and global access numbers, additional features and extra customer support.  Go to TurboBridge.com to learn more!