Alternative Dial-in Numbers

Your Conference ID will work with any of the dial-in access numbers listed on this page.  Just distribute the most appropriate option to suit your needs.  You don't have to register your account to work with a particular dial-in number, and you can even use different dial-in numbers to join the same conference call.

Choose a Greeting

A different welcome announcement on each of these dial-in numbers, so you can provide the appropriate greeting to your participants.

(774) 220-4000
Welcome to the Conference Center.

(848) 777-1500
We're pleased to welcome you to today's call.

(848) 777-1212
Hello, and welcome!

(774) 290-2200
Thank you for calling into today's program.

(848) 220-3100
Thank you for joining us in prayer.

(617) 404-1444
Welcome to the association conference line.

(781) USA-VOTE
(781) 872-8683
Welcome to USA VOTE.

(774) 777-HALL
(774) 777-4255
Thank you for participating in our town hall.

(978) 890-8900
Welcome to the prayer line.

(313) 209-8800
Welcome to our worship service.


Choose a Language

With these dial-in numbers, callers will hear prompts and announcements in the specified language.

(917) 444-9550

(215) 999-1250

(602) 883-2025