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When you want to start a conference call, you and your invited callers dial 1-774-220-4000*.

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If you leave either of these fields blank, we will generate the codes for you.

The Conference ID is the code your callers will enter to join your conference.
The Host PIN is a code that you can use to access special "Host" conference features.

Accessing Free Conference Providers

Most free conference providers exploit a loophole in the method by which phone companies pay each other to connect phone calls. Phone companies pay a larger fee to terminate calls to rural phone companies, as part of the government's approach to subsidize telephone service for rural citizens. Since those fees far exceed the actual cost of connecting to a conferencing system placed in the rural phone company's office, the rural phone company shares the profit with the free conference provider.

Failing to convince the Federal Communications Commission to close this loophole (the issue has been pending resolution for years), some long distance companies now block calls to rural phone numbers associated with free conference providers, in small towns like Lake Park, Iowa and Redfield, South Dakota.

Free Conference USA is different. We don't exploit this rural loophole. Our access numbers are in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and the cost for phone companies to connect with Free Conference USA is the same as calling any AT&T customer in those cities. There's no reason to block our access number, so your callers will always get connected.